Select Last Multiple

i have a very good knowledge of Maya and one the best features is the ability to tap on the Z button to repeatedly select every previous item you’ve touched. whether it’s a single, groups, or etc.

if you are a user of autodesk maya - you should agree w me that rhino really needs something like this

i personally know users will benefit w this ability to repeatedly toggle to every single item you’ve selected in the work done

maybe there is someone out that has created a script or knows how to combine commands to do this. if you do - please share

Does selLast do the same thing, or is the aim to select all object since the session start?

Or more like a repeatable selLast command?

SelPrev select all object which were selected last time.
Edit --> select objects --> previous selection

Maybe look at this thread:

these are all commands i know and aware of

you really need to drive Maya for 5 minutes. there is a hotkey called undo selected (z) - regular undo is your ctrl+z

  • you can basically tap repeatedly to multiple previously selected items.

rhino ONLY has the option to select the last object

Have a look at pascal’s script in the link above, I’ve not tested but I think its what you are after:


Here are a couple of revised py scripts - (1.9 KB) (1.1 KB)
@jean77flip - here is (1.6 KB)

To use the Python script use RunPythonScript, or a macro:

_-RunPythonScript "Full path to py file inside double-quotes"



i will give it a go

thank you guys for the feedback(s)

feedback - the SelLastIncremental script works
how can i make it toggle to the previous items separately NOT together?

I added another script above - does that do what you need?


the step back works well
there are some things i would like but feel im asking too much
ie. i need it to toggle not just through each item, but also through groups, if there are any

thanks pascal

Hello - by this you mean objects that were created at the same time, like moving five objects? I do no think there is any access to this info. But I’ll look…