Select just certain objects quickly

Hi there, i would like to know how to select in a quickly and simple way all these window frames, instead of the windos+window frame. Does it exist a “quick select” command as we use in autocad?

the window isnt a flat surface it has a minimal thickness, but isnt flat

Ctrl + Shift + click can be used to select sub-objects.

Actually the command _SelVolumeObject might be useful in your situation. Most probably the window frames have a similar volume …

This command selects objects that are contained within a volume (i.e a brep - like SelVolumeSphere but with any existing closed object)


Hi @brunosisso01
Have you tried Rhino command “_SelSmall”(Select small objects by bounding box diagonal)?

Assume all the window+frames are the same size, measure the diagonal distance for window pane and frame, then pick a middle number in this range, then use _SelSmall type in the number you just picked.

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when i run this command, i select the object but it says: “processing objects” but actually nothing is being selected

Right, I was not suggesting it is the right tool here, just pointing out that I do not think it does what Martin is expecting.

You can try SelPlanarSrf


It’s a good practice to do the following things when you start new projects:

  1. Create dedicated layers for the different type of geometry, i.e. one layer for windows, another layer for window frames, etc. That will let you quickly select, show or hide objects based on their layer;

  2. Set a specific name to the objects. For example, the window could be named “Window”. That way, you can easily select all the objects of a certain name via one of the following two commands: '_SelName or _-RunPythonScript “D:\your directory for this script\” using this great script:
    SelSameName.rar (441 Bytes)

  3. Set a different colour to each type of objects. Windows could be blue, window frames could be light grey, door could be green, etc. Then, you can easily select those via the following command: '_SelColor .

Alternatively, you can also use a couple of other great scripts that let you select objects with a similar volume:
Select objects by volume.rar (1.1 KB)
Find objects with similar volume.rar (1.4 KB)

P.S. @pascal , any chance for these scrips to become default selection tools in Rhino in the future? :slight_smile:


I did a lot of volume based filtering / sorting in Grasshopper and blindly thought the command would do exactly that…

:slight_smile: I should have tried it first….

@brunosisso01 I just created a Grasshopper Player definition. If your objects are closed polysurfaces, this definition groups objects with similar volume like a specified shape. (11.8 KB)