Select item from drop down options of toolbar icon

I am very new to Rhinoceros so apologies if this is a silly question.

I am attempting to select an option from the drop down options of a number of toolbar icons. For example, I can select ‘line’ from the lines icon options and can draw a line with no problems. When I want to draw another line or lines, I repeatedly have to return to the icon to select the line option.

Is there a way I can select the line option have have this remain as the icon option so that I don’t have to repeatedly go to the drop down menu to select ‘line’ over and over?

A similar issue occurs when I select, for example the pan icon to scroll up, down or across the viewport. I can do this but each time I release the mouse button, I lose the pan tool and have to reselect it. A little tedious!

Hope someone has the time and patience to assist a new user.


I’m a new user, too. I was pleased to discover that Enter executes the last command again.

Right mouse button also executes last command

To rotate the screen you can also hold ctrl + shift + right mouse button.
To move the screen you can hold shift + right mouse button
With these commands he still knows that you last used Line as command and enter/right mouse button will still be a line

To add extra’s to selection hold shift and select with left mouse button