Select intersecting surfaces

I have a large number of simple surfaces - some of which intersect. I need to select just those that intersect and hide the others. Any thoughts - Python or Grasshopper?

Just bumping this up… I still need to process a really large number of these surfaces. Combing through the pile visually is not workable. I’m sure it is a simple thing to script but I am not up to that task at present.

Does anyone have anything in their toolkit that might work for me?


I answered a similar request from you with a small script previously, is this something different? The previous script was for intersecting one surface/polysurface with many. Do you need to find any surface that intersects with some other surface and select all of those? that might take awhile with a large number of surfaces, as you have to iterate through everything and check…

Edit: @rcmcdougle
Here is a script you can try in case you want what I outlined above. It will select all surfaces/polysurfaces in a collection that intersect with some other surface/polysurface in the same collection. It only selects, does not hide or delete anything. You can use invert/hide afterwards if you need.

Edit 2: slightly revised… (1011 Bytes)


This is something different Mitch. Your previous script was perfect for that problem.

You are correct in describing the issue as selecting any surface/poly in a cloud that intersects with any other surface/poly in that same cloud. I can isolate my clouds (thanks to your previous script) to around 500 mixed surfaces & polysurfaces. Of those perhaps <50 intersect. I need to work with those to eliminate the overlapping bits so that I can join them together for additional operations. select is fine as the result… I can manually process from that point forward.

I greatly appreciate your help here.


That should only take a second or two with the above script… --Mitch

It works a charm Mitch… Many thanks. It is a whole lot faster than visually inspecting then testing in a cloud that size.

It failed when I first put it on a button but is perfect now with the additional closing ).

Happy Holidays!