Select group for boolean split

Hi there,

Just wondering if I’m missing something. But when I try to select a group of polysurfaces to use for boolean split, it cannot select the pre-created group. It can only select individual objects within the group.


Hi Jeremy - you can pre-select the group as input for the boolean split.

Hi Wim, thanks for your reply.
Maybe I’m misunderstanding something or didn’t explain it well haha.
I’m trying to use a group of objects to split one or more other polysurfaces.
BooleanSplit command> select objects to be split> select group(?) to split original objects with> press enter.
It’s at the select group to split original object stage where it only selects single objects within the group; not the whole group itself.
Perhaps I have a setting set wrong within rhino?

No, this is just a limitation. One halfway workaround is when asked for the splitting objects (second prompt) to type SelGroup - you will then get a panel popup that has all the group names and lets you choose one. Choose that and OK and the whole group should be selected as splitters.

Unfortunately, one cannot select one of the objects in the group via SelGroup and have it select the others in the group; you can only select by name. However, when you click on the group name, you should see the objects highlight on the screen as a visual check before hitting OK.

In the WIP, you could also use NamedSelections in more or less the same way.

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