Select group and objects on a hidden layer


I would like to get some help for my current question. I have some groups, that consist of several objects on different layers. Most of the time the layers are hidden, for practical reason. However, when I copy a group, the objects are on the hidden layers are won’t be part of the new copy.

So, when I copy such groups, I need to turn the layers on and then copy.

Is there any solution to bridge this issue to keep the hidden objects inside the group without changing the layer settings?

EDIT: I would like to copy the groups by using the native Rhino “Copy” command on the 3D viewport.

Hi there,
This snippet lets you select members of a group or groups by clicking on a member of that group, including hidden members. Next step is to build your copying logic into the script…(point to point?)

import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs
obj = rs.GetObject()
groupnames = rs.ObjectGroups(obj)
for groupname in groupnames:
    print rs.ObjectsByGroup(groupname)


It could be a solution, to introduce a script. I forget to mention, that I would like to select the groups on the Rhino 3D Viewport, not in the script line.

The above snippet prompts you to select an object in the viewport… Or would you rather select from a list of group names?

Hi Graham,

Thank you, The above solution can work, however I wanted to use the native Rhino selection. Alternatively curious if there is a settings that keeps objects in one group even if they are under a hidden layer before I create the group by a script - a special function or argument in the Group Module. I think, I will create a script or I will use Blocks If no solution.