Select GH points within the Rhino interface?

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I’m loving the ability to manipulate GH defined points in the Rhino viewport using the GH gumball which appears (Not sure what it’s called)

However, the “Point” component/s need to be highlighted on the GH canvas to do this.

Is there any way of selecting these component/s (Or any others for that matter) through the Rhino interface?

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Points for (6.2 KB)

the simplest way is to define the points in the rhino interface and reference them in your script (or alternatively, bake them, and bring them back by reference)

you can also use the cache content component in rhino8

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Thanks for the response! But I wanted to do this using the GH gumball (Meaning I need to use internalised data) and not have any Rhino geometry in the Rhnio interface

(Apologies if this is solved using your “Cache content” suggestion, Im not sure how to use that)

Ofc I could just highlight the point component on the GH canvas, but I was looking for a neat way to do it in Rhino

well, afaik, you can’t select gh geometry in the rhino interface unless you bake it. i am under the impression that cache component might help with that, but i’m not entirely sure how it works be honest

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Hi -
Kangaroo has a Grab component that lets you move A point that doesn’t exist ik the Rhino document.

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Thanks! This is exactly what I needed :slight_smile: