Select fails if I zoom the object partly off-screen

I think that this used to work but now it fails. I often have to use the scroll wheel zoom while selecting to make sure that the select window captures the correct objects. If I zoom in far enough that some of the objects are partially off-screen, those objects are not selected. Zoom is working fine at the time; there is no slowing of the zoom.

The simplest way to duplicate this is to create a rectangle and try to window select it. Start with the rectangle on screen but, while selecting, zoom in so that part of the rectangle is not visible, then release the mouse button. The rectangle will not be selected.

I’d swear that this used to work. I apologize if this has already been covered; I have searched but I might be using the wrong terms.


Are you doing a Windows Selection or a Crossing Selection?

Zooming while selecting does not select the object as you describe for a Windows Selection, but does for a Crossing Selection.

(Text below copied from Rhino Help)

Windows Selection

When you make a window selection, objects completely enclosed in the selection rectangle are selected.

Drag a selection rectangle from left to right to use a window selection.

Objects by a crossing rectangle

Crossing Selection

When you make a crossing selection, all objects inside or partially inside the selection rectangle are selected.

Drag a selection rectangle from right to left to do a crossing selection.

Note: To make the mouse always use either a window or crossing selection, see Mouse Options Select mouse.

Sorry, should have been more specific. I am using a window selection. The object is touching another set of objects, to the right of the desired selection, as well as “under” the desired selection, that I do not want to select, so I must create the select window from left to right. Since several of the objects that I am selecting are simple curves (lines) and are in contact with the other objects, I want to use a window select.

I suppose that I could select all of the objects individually and group them, then move them away, ungroup them, perform the edit, then move them back, but this does seem like a lot of steps to get around a limitation in the select window behavior.

I don’t understand where in the Rhino Help text it describes the behavior of the window select while zooming. If I zoom while window selecting but the object remains visible, it works just fine. Only when the selection window and the object are partially off screen does the selection fail, even though the objects are, as specified, completely with the selection rectangle.

Oh, well. I suppose this is just one of those annoying quirks that I will have to tolerate. Thanks for your answer, though.

Complete selecting, then zoom to verify selection instead of zooming while selecting. You can hold down the control key to deselect an item if you selected the wrong item.

Unfortunately, I run into a similar problem when de-selecting. That is, after I have selected overlapping objects, I cannot find the ones that I want to de-select. They are all too close together, which results in much zooming in and out and rotating the view. The only way that seems to work, at all, is to keep all the parts on separate layers, so that I can use Select Objects. That, itself, takes a great deal of layer manipulation and creation when drawing. I prefer to draw the object in the Default Layer, then assign the layers, It would be so nice if the selection window was valid even when it was off the edge of the screen. Ah, well, not everything is the way I want it in the rest of my life, either.

Thanks for helping. I appreciate it.


Marty, have you tried “Selection Sets” , by Pascal; available here: (Scroll down to bottom of page)

and here are many ways to make selections; check out SelBrush set

Hi Gizmobreaker - can you please post an example file or send me one via private message where I can see this problem?



Sorry about the gigantic delay in responding. For some reason, I am not getting notified when others post to this topic.

Selection Test.3dm (23.9 KB)
I have attached a file but it is really not necessary. Draw a rectangle. While the full rectangle is visible, use the selection tool to select it but do not let go of the mouse button. Use the scroll wheel to zoom so that part of the rectangle is off screen. Now let go of the mouse button. The rectangle is not selected.

This is an oversimpification, clearly. But it does demonstrate the issue.


Which one? Pick, Window around? Lasso?


Interesting question. I left click and draw a rectangular window around the objects. Is that Window Around? If I use Lasso, then I can select objects off-screen, which is the goal, but Lasso is hard to manage especially while zooming. If I use SelWindow, the window does not zoom but the drawing does. Strange, but not useful since the selection window does not extend off-screen.

I see - this does work as I think you expect in V6/WIP.


Cool. Thank you.