Select Extrusion Face for Duplicate-Face-Border, by the Face, Please


It would be handy if duplicate face boarder worked for lightweight extrusions.

I don’t think a macro could be written to do this one step, because an extrusion surface is not selectable.

Thank you,

Hmm, works here… --Mitch

Strange, I must be tired or something. Thanks.

Maybe the extrusion was tired…

Wait, it’s not me. There is a problem.

When I paste an extrusion into another file, I cannot seem select its face.

I am going to look at this a little more, but its starting to look like a very strange bug, whereas an object pasted into a document cannot have it’s border copied.

Very Strange.

(The extrusion is valid.)

Okay, I figured out what I was experiencing. As far as I know, it’s not a proper bug, but the UI did something non-intuitive: When selecting a extrusion face for curve duplication, that face cannot (always?) be selected by its face, only by the edge.

This is inconsistent from the way the command works for polysurfaces, whereas the user can always select the face by its face. For lightweight extrusions the user does not have that luxury.

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In a wireframe type mode, you can only select on an edge. In a shaded type mode, you should be able to select on the face. Is there something special with your display mode? Or maybe your vid card/driver is giving you selection problems?

In Shaded and Ghosted.

It’s a K2100m that’s been pretty good.

It would seem that it’s not a video card issue. I tried it a few times, including shooting blind, and the surface cannot be reliably selected.

Perhaps you can post the object - I can’t seem to reproduce that behavior here, either on my Windows box (GTX 780) or my older Macbook Pro (GT 330M)…