Select Elements by Stylename

Hi Guys, I woukd like to select Elements, walls etc directly by my own stylenames in order to further work with them. Like giving individual names ( wall style x - 1; Wallstyle X-2 etc.)

I soted all of them with names in the grasshopper file, but when it comes to member index they wont fit the initial wall geometry. ther is no outcome. “1. Invalid cast: GhVaWallStyle » Primitive Data Type”

I attached the files. I would appreciate some ideas =)

Naming VA (14.1 KB)
walls.3dm (10.6 MB)

Hi @user28,

What you are getting from the “Get Property Value” component are the styles itself and what you need are the style names, which you can get using the the “Deconstruct Wall Style” component.

Anyway, you have this topic already solved in the following sites:

Thanks Alfonso,

so I was almost there ;). I adjusted it according to your article. Shame on me I didnt find that first.


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