Select Different Values in Gene Pool

I am working on my master thesis project with Wallcei X. I use gene pool to select points from grid surface. But it sometimes select the same points. Is there any way to prevent selecting same points from gene pool?
Thanks a lot…

gene pool same point .pdf (63.3 KB)


Yes, if you use a gene pool as a selection mechanism for another list, you may end up with repetitive indices - What I personally do is to create a list of all possible indices and shuffle through that list with a gene- It is only one line of code in c# - I have attached a GH file for you and also a couple of screenshots for your reference. It can be done through Python as well but of course with different syntax. (6.7 KB)

Thanks a lot for your rapid answer:) It really works very well thank u so much :pray: :pray:

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Hi Milad. Isn’t using random values to shuffle the parameters of optimization, bad for it? Also isn’t that limiting the exploration of the parameter space?

Yes, I advise not to use the random seed in the optimisation problem - I don’t know the details of @y.gokce.s problem. But it appears that this is only selecting from a small set of indices. Anyways this is something that needs to be carefully thought about, in setting up a design problem. Another way of doing it could be as follows: using a gene pool to create a True Flase pattern for culling from a set of indices.