Select Custom Array

Dear My friends
I’ve created this types of Hexagonals.
first question: is there any better algorithm to create this types of hexagons?
the second question is that :
I want to select custom rows as you see in pictures.

select first: red
2nd: Green
3rd: Magento
Fourth: orange
Fifth: Blue
Sixth: Cyan
and …

after that, I want to apply scale command with a range command from the bottom to top.

please guide me if you can.

04.Select Array.3dm (170.6 KB)

04.Select (3.5 KB)

In the picture, you have them laid in an array that extends along a 30degree angle. Do you want them like this or in a rectangular array (paralllel to the x axis)?

Yes i want to have 30 degree angle but there’s no problem If you have any suggestions to rotate it after selecting the rows.
But i want select as i mentioned.

I’m not sure if this is exactly what you were looking for, but maybe it will give you some ideas about how to progress.

04.Select (17.8 KB)

Thank you
Yes i got some idea.