Select curves that intersect with one specific curve

Hey guys, I am trying desperately to create hatches (in about 15k boundary curves, all closed) to get a figure ground plan of a city. My problem is, that it takes ages to hatch all curves at once. My solution was to divide the city into several regions with rectangles. I then selected all curves inside the first rectangle (SelBoundary) and hatched those, which is a lot faster. Then, same procedure with the second rectangle and so on. Now I have hatched all curves EXCEPT the ones that touch the rectangle regions and not lie fully in any of the regions.
Is there a way to select all curves that touch/ share an intersection with one or more specific curves like my rectangles?

Hello - you can set SelBoundary > SelectionMode=Crossing though that will get you a number of duplicates , I suppose, unless you Hide or Lock the curves once they’e been used.


Thank you. I knew it’s possible! Probably too tired to read the command line…