Select by lineweight

Any possibility selecting by lineweight can be scripted? I have imported a vector pdf and would like to select specific lineweights to place them on a new layer.

Any ideas?


you can try this old script: SelectByPrintWidth.rvb (813 Bytes)


Thanks, though it does only work haphazardly on larger lineweights it seems. I realised that importing the file into Illustrator and using Select by Appearance does the same trick more reliably, and can be imported cleanly into Rhino (once sorted into layers).

Cheers for the script

Not shure without having an example to test with. I could image that if you do not know the print width to find in the dialog it may be better to select just by width from a preselection. The below script does this. Just preselect one or more curves and the script will select other curves with the same print width. (739 Bytes)


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With regard to the first script, I think it was due to the scaled up imported pdf curves having odd lineweights (eg.33.14mm), as using a listed lineweight did work when testing… your python script however handled them fine.

Thanks again!