Select by line width?

I have received a pdf layout drawings, with everything on one layer, and walls are hatched to look solid, but are in fact a bazilllion individual diagonal lines.

In thinking about how to separate into layers by filters or something, I was able to determine that these hatch lines have a unique line width.

Is there a way to filter my selections to include/exclude objects by line width?

Or is there another solution that I am missing?

You can try one of these this scripts for selecting by print width.

To select a curve and have all curves with matching print widths selected: (2.0 KB)

To select a print width from a list of all possible print widths in the document: (2.6 KB)

Cool thank you, I’ll give that a try for future use!

Unfortunately the potential client already hired someone else to do the work, though I suspect that person did not first figure out that this problem existed, as they took the job so quickly!

So easy, wish I knew how to do that already, will have to study your scripts, thanks again!

Moved to Rhino for Windows