Select Brep Object with world Co-ordinate

Hello the community,

Can you please help me with the following.
I would like to select Breps objects which have the same x world coordinate

In the screenshot i indicate the topview of my model (all objects are surfaces).
I would like to give to my script the capability to select all objects that are having the same x co-ordinate.

Can you please give me some hints which is the most efficient way to perform this task in rhinopythont?


Your request is somewhat ambiguous, perhaps you could add some more information. What part of each object should have the same x-coordinate? The same x-coordinate as what other object(s)?

You could, for example, get the bounding box of each object and look at the X coordinates of the corner you are interested in, see if they correspond to a target value within tolerance, then select the object. I’m assuming here that you would need to indicate the target value first.


Hello Mitch,

Thanks alot for your reply.

I will try to give some more information.
If we assume that all these objects have a spacing of 1 meter, I would like to be able to select all the objects that are on the y-z plane and have a user-defined x-coordinate.

Using a bounding box might be useful and that what was my first thought. However i was wondering if there exists a more efficient way to perform this selection.

Don’t think so - the bounding box is pretty fast to calculate. --Mitch