Select and extrude multiple surfaces Mac 7

Hi there,
I wonder whether this is a bug or not meant to work: I have an object which I need to enlarge for 3mm in height, so I select the upper surfaces with shift+command+click, click the extrude ball and type in 3mm – but it doesn’t work, only the gumball disappears. If I do it surface by surface, it works.
Shouldn’t it work for several surfaces as well? Not a big issue, of course, but I wonder.

Best regards - Jan

Extrude-problem.3dm (4.0 MB)

Hi Jan -

That works here on an internal 7.13. There has been some back and forth with regards to the gumball, so if you are not running 7.12, you could try updating to the latest release candidate.

Thanks for the info, I did, but the newest available version for Mac is still 7.11 … and it doesn’t work. But I guess 7.12 is on the way then, so no worry.
Best - Jan