Select and extrude connection edges


I would like to extrude the corners with proximity to the dots. The circles are one side each connecting edge, so I would only like to extrude the edges that either have a circle or the edges that do not have a circle.


extrude connection (1.1 MB)

could you please elaborate on what kind of extrusion you are looking for?
just an extension of the surface, or extrusion connecting two different surfaces?

on a side note, are you aware there are just a few circles per shape, and some shapes have even none?


Yes, this is the point, each connection should only have one circle, Only the 1’s should have an extrution, so I need to be able to select the edges based on proximity to the circles, and then just extrude that edge planarly to the hexagon shape.

This is a 2D view of the idea.

this might be a way:

extrude connection (1.1 MB)



I got around that.

extrude connection (327.9 KB) DEPRECATED DUE TO ERROR
Use version ‘c’ below.

Before: :bangbang:

P.S. Two green things that appear to be human torsos make this file MUCH LARGER than it needs to be for the primary task :bangbang: :bangbang: I just replaced version ‘a’ with ‘b’. Same code but a much smaller file. :roll_eyes:



I didn’t consider why your code is so extensive and complex until now…

Are you aware of TriRemesh? Its ‘D’ output is very similar to what you want. It’s easy to get a Plane Fit using the discontinuity points of each face boundary and make a planar surface for each face. Seems like you could have far less code? (70.9 KB)

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Thanks both of you! Both Solutions work well! Sorry about the meshes, I forgot to remove them, I will look into this definition you postede as it seems easier. The other definition is scaled by colour and was more useful in that regard, but this seems very useful as well!

The easy (lazy) way to compare yours (@inno) to mine was to add color… and adjust your extrusion value to match my offset value (0.44 from @pegelatrin). In top view, they match.



However, some are slightly off in shade, which made me curious. To my surprise, Perspective view shows the reason:

I don’t understand why yet? But clearly my tabs are out of plane while Inno’s are correct.

OH! I think I see it…

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I think transfering this Graft is the key :+1:

extrude connection (329.3 KB)

Yep, thanks. I got it in a convoluted way but like your fix much better. :+1: Well done.
Data trees :bangbang: Grrr!
extrude connection (326.7 KB)

P.S. @inno had the correct solution first and should get the credit. Here is his code with color added (and torso meshes removed):

extrude connection (317.2 KB)