Select and Edit Individual Triangles in a Mesh


If you upload a mesh to Rhino, it will contain many many triangles. Is there a way to select, edit, and gather data on an individual triangles?

Is MeshFace the same as a triangle in a mesh? A face, in theory, could be a planar sirface on a mesh, which would contain many triangles. I would also like to be able to reference that specific triangle in the future, using a guid, if possible.

Lately I have been using the ExplodeMesh command, but then the data usage increases. Is there a way to avoid this? Thanks!

Hi -
You didn’t categorize your post and your questions are very general so here are a few general answers…

Yes. You can sub-object select a face, an edge, or a vertex of a mesh and edit those.

A mesh face can be a triangle, a quad, or an ngon.

You can store faces, edges, vertices in a named selection.