Select and delete all items that intersect with another

Hello everybody,

I have created a bubble shape in grasshopper with the weaverbird plugin. All bubbles are seperate (At least when I bake them). Now I want to auto select all items/bubbles in grasshopper that touch a specific object. So what I want to do is to cut the shape my object (in grasshopper) gives me. I want to delete all items/bubbles that don’t touch that object. Is there a way to select all the surrounding bubbles in grasshopper or rhino that don’t intersect with the object and delete them ?

The bubble shape:

The red shape/object is the one which should consist of the bubble shape. All bubbles that don’t touch it should get deleted.

I didn’t find anything about how to select only the intersecting points/objects/curves with another object. Maybe you have a website or video that could help me out. Or even creating a grasshopper file. Thanks in advance!

Tiling_Bubbleshape.3dm (6.2 MB) (14.4 KB)

Right click and internalize the relevant geometry please.

Hey Martin,

thanks for the quick answer. I am pretty new to grasshopper. Could you explain me, what that does and how it can help me to select only the intersecting parts.
Thanks again!

I can explain how that goes but you will have to provide all relevant geometry.

You have to right click the curve component and internalize the curve(s), otherwise I can’t do much with your file.

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I get it. I updated the question. The grasshopper file “Shape3” should have an internalized Curve now. If needed, I also uploaded the Rhino file. Sorry for the inconvenience

This definition extracts all meshes that collide with the brep. (23.2 KB)

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Thank you very much! I really appreciate the fast help!

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