Select all surfaces with normals to within certain range of camera vector

Does a script exist for this already or is there a built in command that would do this?

Or perhaps maybe the reverse? Deselect surfaces with normals that face away from the camera direction by an amount of degrees?

Use case example would be say if you had a 3D matrix of 1,000 irregular cubes, so they’re not arrayable (10x10x10 arrangement) and you wanted to cull the bottom face of all the cubes.

Mesh Ray

if you don’t have coding capabilities Grasshopper has these components as well…

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Maybe this script can do what you want? (1.2 KB)

Or maybe not… I think it selects anything “facing” the camera (180°)

@Helvetosaur Yes. Exactly. Had a few surfaces glitch/misselect but this caught 95% of the intended ones. Thank you!