Select all Edges and Extrude button

I am drawing blanks right now. I am using the combination of DupBorder and _ExtrudeCrv often when I work with Rhino. Therefore I would like to create a button with this action attached to it. So I create the button, open the button editor and use the commands:

So when I test it, my action stops after the border is selected. How can i get the _extrudeCrv command work with the selected duplicated edge?

!_DupFaceBorder _Pause _ExtrudeCrv

!_ExtrudeSrf _Pause _Solid=_No



thank you very much. It helped me greatly to write it like this for my button

!_DupBorder _Pause _ExtrudeCrv

_Pause _Solid=_No _Pause



Now it works exactly like I needed it!