Select all degree 5 or above surface, or curves at once in rhino file

I ask this because recently the factory raise an issue that they do not accept any surface that is degree 5… so I have to explode the poly surface and pick all of them to convert… any quick way? I have millions of them…

Need grasshopper help?

I don’t know grasshopper, unfortunately :pensive:

Here are a couple of scripts for starters. One for curves, the other for single surfaces. They are set up to do “equal to”, not “greater than”, so you may need to run the script several times with 5, 6, 7 etc. Surfaces will select if either the U or V directions (or both) have the degree specified.

I will see if I can make a combined tool that also looks at polysurface faces and maybe a range of degrees, unfortunately I have lots of stuff to do today. (912 Bytes) (1.0 KB)

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Wow, that would be awesome! Thank you for the effort!

Try this one out - not highly tested. Don’t have any more time today. (2.8 KB)

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Thank you very much!