SelDup and Text


SelDup is selecting single instances of text and dimensions

(Pascal Golay) #2

Hi Mark- can you post an example? My quick test does not show this…



Sure Pascal, in this video I start with a fresh instance of the WIP, add some dimensions and text and then copy some stuff. SelDup does some funky stuff, picks and chooses what to select.

I haven’t installed this weeks build yet, I’ll edit this post if I find it fixes it when I do.

Edit: still doing it in 6.0.16285.11581


Hi, I’m seeing the same in 6.0.16327.14151, 22/11/2016.
Texts which are not duplicated are selected.
Also, in case of duplicates, all the texts are selected, and therefor, if I delete, there’s nothing left.

Also about texts :
-Using “SelText” with many (in my case, around 400) text objects will crash the WIP.
-It is still impossible to select texts which are at a shallow angle with the camera axis ; this is a big PITA because that’s when it gets convenient to select precisely a bunch of objects in one shoot.
-Changing text size from the properties panel is a huge mess because it will not apply the new height to all the selected text, and you end up with a “varied” text height property, and you have to hunt for the texts which have kept their original height.

(Pascal Golay) #5

Hi All - thanks, I see that SelDup fails on text and dimensions in V6 - fails completely, so far here.

@osuire, I do not, so far, see any problem with SelText and hundreds of text objects. Updating a lot of them to a different size from Properties is a bit laggy at the moment, but seems to do the right thing.



…and if I want to open Rhino settings, I get a whole slew of messages,
including this one.


Hmm… I disabled all the plugins, and Rhino still takes ages to load.


Hi Pascal,

Since this morning, my Rhino 5 -64bits takes 5 whole minutes to open…
I haven’t installed any new plug-in recently, so I don’t know how to look
for the culprit.

It loads fine in safe mode though…



For some reason, when loading in safe mode, I get asked twice if I want to
loads “Toolbars.rhp”.
Not sure why…