SelDifference I wish such a command existed what is similar?

I have two objects, complex, and trying to spot thr difference between them.
I look for a Sel command and hope for SelDifference as thats the most obvious name.

However its not there. Now someone may have used a name with same meaning.

But what is it ?

Is there a thesaurus for Rhino, we look up one name and it offers others ?

I wish to run the command, select the two objects and have it subtract one from the other and show what parts differ. or do it in some other useful way.

All I ever do is try to view the crystalline effects or hover between names in the floating panel and look for the lines differing.

I try for a boolean but as the objects share the same planar surfaces and curved surfaces in many areas that fails.



I think Boolean difference is the only command available , unless you manually do something with splitting.—-Mark

rhino:commandlist [McNeel Wiki]

The closest thing to what you need is to use the SelDup and SelDupAll commands. You may need to explode the polysurfaces for a more detailed selection of exact duplicates, hence the rest surfaces will be different. But keep in mind that they must be places in the same location.