SelColor with Boolean

In V4 it was typical for me to perform Boolean operations by typing selcolor mid command to select the second set.
In V5 it is not possible because in will take into account the surface color from the first set.

Can you please revert to old behavior?



@chuck can you please take a look at this?

Hi Yanni,

I am not able to select anything by typing selcolor during a boolean command in v4. Can you explain exactly how you are doing this? Which boolean command are you calling, when do you type selcolor, and how do you choose the color once you type that?

Chuck Welsh
Robert McNeel and Associates

Hi Chuck,
I do not have V4.0 installed anymore, I go from recollection.
I am talking about Boolean difference where the 1st set is color A and 2nd set is color B. When prompted to select the second set I type selcolor and select one of the color B objects, then all the B colored objects get selected and proceed with the boolean.
In V5, selcolor works, but since the 1st set is pre-selected the command will select both A and B colors.

I actually don’t see this working any differently in V4 than V5… In V4, after the first selection, the first set of objects remain selected, and Selcolor doesn’t work for the second.

hmmm that is puzzling, could it be that it was once working like that and got changed during a service release?

Hi Yianni - I also do not see that this is different in V5 compared to V4… But, being able to use SelColor anytime Rhino is asking for a selection seems a reasonable enough expectation. I’ll see what can be done to tune that up- selection can get complicated so I do not know what is practical but I’ll put it on the pile.

thanks, Pascal

V4 and V5 allow 'selcolor to be passed to the objects to be selected from in BooleanDifference, but 'selcolor is ignored in both V4 and V5 when selection the second set.