SelCircular - screen space/modelspace problem

For the first time I needed to use SelCircular to try and select a group of objects contained within another circular object without selecting the outer container… It works OK for that except

Once you set the selection circle center, you are in “screen space” and no longer in model space. If you need to zoom or pan the view once you have set the selection center, it moves with the view and is no longer centered on the objects you wanted… Which makes its usefulness much more limited, unfortunately…

Could this be “tuned up”? Could the selection center follow the original point chosen in model space?

Thx, --Mitch

Hi Mitch - it seems like that might be possible - if I remember right Mikko tuned up Lasso to tolerate view changes, I think it did not early on. On the other hand it seems maybe useful to be able to pan the view under a fixed circle… I don’t think I ever tried that before… Anyway, onto the heap, thanks.