Sel Bad Mesh

Hi guys. SelectBadObjects do not pick up bad meshes. Is there another command I should be using or a script that does this?


SelBadObjects only picks up objects which are “invalid” i.e. somehow the mathematical/nurbs definition is wrong. There are many ways a mesh could be valid (mathematically speaking) but still might be be “bad” in some other way - which may matter to some users and not to others.

I guess the only thing here would be to run MeshRepair and see what it says.

Thanks for your quick reply.

I am using MeshRepair but it is still very time consuming as there are so many mesh objects in the file. This means running a check on the thousands of mesh objects at once and receiving a long report, skimming through that said report and then using object ID to locate the bad mesh, or running a check on each mesh to see if it is good or bad.