Segmentation of a bubble shell using the Gaussian curvature

Dear all,

Currently I’m working on a script to create a tessellation that follows the Gaussian curvature, to examine whether this can beneficial. As the picture indicates a different pattern for K<0 K=0 and K>0.

I have got a surface with a Gaussian curvature division, but now I want to use this information for creating the pattern. However, I don’t know where to start with translating this to useful input for the segmentation…

Anyone who’s more familiar with these types of challenges?

In the attachment you can find my grasshopper and rhino files. The shell is a bubble shell.

Another problem that occurs is in my file is the fact that the surface I want to analyse only is a quarter of a total trimmed surface, but I don’t succeed in creating an untrimmed surface…
Model_26MRT.3dm (14.5 MB) Start (23.0 KB)

Thanks a lot in advance:)