Seeking help for optimizing a curve within a closed curve area

Hello everyone,

I’m currently working on a project where I need to optimize a curve within a closed curve area in Grasshopper. Specifically, I want to find an optimized curve with a length of 300 meters, starting from a specified start point and ending at a specified end point within the closed curve so it can turn into a ramp.

Reference project, Little Island, NYC


Now, I’m looking for assistance in developing a Grasshopper script that can perform the optimization process. Here are the specific requirements:

  • The script should find an optimized curve within the closed curve area, starting from the provided start point and ending at the provided end point. Position of the points can change so they are not fixed atm.
  • The optimized curve should have a length as close to 300 meters as possible and 2.5 meters wide.
  • The optimization process should adjust the position of the start and end points within the constraints of the closed curve.

I have attempted to use the “Galapagos” component in Grasshopper, but I’m facing difficulties in setting it up properly for this specific task. Since my GH didn’t work work me I won’t be attaching it.

I would greatly appreciate any guidance, insights, or example scripts that could help me achieve this optimization. If there are alternative approaches or components that would be more suitable for this task, please let me know.

Thank you in advance for your assistance and expertise!

Path.3dm (159.8 KB)