Seeing double pixelated brep edges?


I’ve noticed that in Ghosted view - depending on the zoom level -, brep edges often show up pixelated and non-anti-aliased.

It’s almost as if each edge is doubled up, if that makes sense.
It depends on the object color. Some make it more noticeable and some less.

I’m currently running Rhino 8 (8.3.24009.15002, 2024-01-09) on macOS (Sonoma).

It’s disappointing that the crappy brep edge display still is going strong in Rhino 8.5 for macOS!

@diff-arch it might be the same ghosted display bug that was recently fixed. Do you have access to a build that is the same as or newer than 8.6.24087.08402?

In 8.6 it seems to be finally fixed! Thanks for the heads up, Gijs.