SectionTools not working properly on a Revit imported model

So I was tryin’ to create some sections with sectiontool to my model. But the model I have exported to Rhino by Revit seem to have some problems. For ex, I have floors with 40 cm elevation (thickness). But in Rhino it seems void, it has planes surrounding it but inside of it are void so when I try to hatch the parts that my section line cuts, it only hatches the line. I’m not sure I can tell what I try to say properly but I’mma put a screenshot here maybe that can help u understand.

After I followed these steps, the problem is solved but only for the solidmode surface if you use hatch it might not work…

and then _Purge, when there are no blocks anymore.


SectionTools should work with blocks. If you still have trouble sectioning through blocks, please share a 3dm file.