Sections that updates in any direction, and meassures as well

Dear Experts,

I´m trying to make shoe lasts using Rhino but I am stuck on a specific problem. I need help on how to make a section that I can move in any direction and it updates automatically. I also like the curve length to update. I have ssen this done in a movie on youtube. See these two pictures.

Thanks in advance.

Tomas Karlsson

Hello- use Project (of lines) with history enabled and DimCurveLength for this


Thanks Pascal

So, I project a line to the surface?

Hi Again,

Here is what I tried.

With history on I projected a line to the surface. It wrapped the surface and I could meassure it. So far all good. But when I use the gunball to move the “section” it does not update and I get the message that the history is broken.

In the example I took the pictures from, it looks as if they are moving a Clipping plane, and the section updates and the curve length as well.

Very greatful for all help on this matter.

Pascal is on holiday just now.

I tried to project various curves and it took me halfway. I can maka a section that rotates in two directions, but not in the third.

Hi Tomas,
Have you tried section tools? In V6 its on the menu in V5 you might have to download it.
I highly recommend this and panel tools from Rajaa.

Also you can assign an mplane to the clipping plane and this should allow you to get accurate sections.

In the attached file I first created the rectangle at the odd angle to snap the clipping plane to then I attach the mplane to the clipping plane now you can move rotate the clipping plane and your cplane/mplane will auto update. Also if you set the mplane option to universal you can get all standard ortho views to update as well. In the file turn gumball on and you can easily adjust the mplane and see the section update. You might have to use section command and or make sure project is on when you work at the section or use section tools in addition.
AutoSectionCPlane.3dm (258.3 KB)

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You can also use GH to get sections at any angle in a number of ways.
I have a guick GH def I tried it’s working and produces a section curve at any angle once baked.

Hello - Move the line, not the section curve…


I’ve been away from rhino so I forgot about the intersect command you can use the intersect command in the file I provided select the mock soul and then the group or the clipping plane and you get a section I forgot the intersect command works with clipping planes.

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Thanks, but the line can not rotate around its own axis.

Thank you so much for your help. It works perfect!!!

Cool glad it worked.