Sections : outside layer of a hull

Hi everyone. I want to reach some curves of a hull but when I add sections to the hull because of thickness of body i don’t have outside curve same as picture below. i want the curves of outside of hull. (19.4 KB) boat.3dm (32.2 KB)

thanks in advance!

You have two disjoined mesh with a hole in them which is bad for sectioning.
I filled inner floor mesh holes and joined and welded and after that, it seems to work… (29.4 KB)

tnx man for your reply. how can i reach just out side layer of curve. because i want to use these curves to achieve forces of water and inner curves don’t care for me.

Why don’t you just extract the outside faces of mesh and replace your base mesh? (30.9 KB)

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i don’t want do it manually and that is my problem. i want do it automatically when i want achieve sections for each hull geometry i use in grasshopper.

Then, you’ll need some tedious process… (35.2 KB)

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U are great man. tnx many times.

and the last question :slight_smile: that how can i trim curves and have the right side of hull section.( because of symmetry)

Another one… Check this as well. (30.5 KB)

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Use Sub Curve. (34.9 KB)

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thannnnks man! that’s it.

Have taken a look at ORCA3D? I have used it since it’s inception and am a devotee!