Section Tools: Placement of Clipping Drawing

Hi @rajaa
Wim separated that particular post from 10 days ago (I think I updated R8 at least once since then) -my the current version is Version 8 SR4 (8.4.24030.15001, 2024-01-30)

However, that post was part of a longer and more detailed set of issues/problems and I do not know specifically what example you are asking for. The subject chosen can also be interpreted in a couple of ways.

If you are talking about the placing of the drawing on the layout, we have concluded that it happened when the section layers are unlocked and clipping planes are updated while on a detail space.

If you are talking about one of the itemized points, their are sort of requests that have no example and the reasons for some of them where expanded later in that thread.

Here are some links:

This last issue of “the sections becoming dead” has happened again yesterday after a crash while updating drawings. This means that I’ll need to setup all the sections all over again.
Also it seems that the file saved while crashing because one of the drawings is updated, i.e. as the updated geometry, but is wrong as it seems that part of the background lines are doubled, with the double being slightly shifted out.

I cannot share the file publicly.