Section Tools: Moving a Section

Once I have generated a section and placed it into a drawing with the “layout” subcommand, how do I move it?

Here is the way it’s working for me:

(For clarity’s sake let’s call the generated hatch the “section” and let’s call the line indicating where it is cut the “section line”.)

Initially the section can not be selected with a mouse click.
stMoveSection doesn’t seem to have any effect – the section line can be selected after invoking the command, but attempting to use the command as one would use the ordinary move command, nothing happens, though soon after that the section can be selected and moved. Maybe this is the way it’s supposed to work and though umituitive it seems to get the job done. But there’s a big problem. When the section is updated, it moves back to its initial location. Can’t it be made to stay where it’s moved?

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Once a Layout is created and placed, you cannot change its location. The relative location is saved to the section, and anytime you update your model, the 3D section and layout is updated. You can always delete the layout layer and recreate to a new location… Also you can create a NestLayout that is static (does not change with model changes, you are free to select and move anywhere. Perhaps I’ll add support to update layout location in future releases.

This would be very useful for using SectionTools to create fills for Make2D and VaViews. A problem with the method of locating an stSectionLayout initially is that accurate placement isn’t possible. Also, Hatching tends to come later in a drawing process and to have to move the entire drawing at that point to align with the hatching is “the tail wagging the dog”.

Yes please.

Additionally, what datum is used when placing a layout?

@Ncik this is now done in the latest SectionTools update. Please let me know if it works as expected.

Thanks @rajaa, but I haven’t been able to discover this functionality yet. Any hints?

@Ncik doe the new stEdit2DLayout command do what you need?

Yes but no.

The layouts can be moved, but all the bounding boxes are different sizes. So basing the placement datum on the bounding box requires a work around. The work-around is to encase the model in a larger box, which seems cumbersome.

Ideally I would like world zero projected to the layout to be used as the datum.

Alternatively allow us to pick the datum prior to moving.

Do you have any other thoughts?

(even if this model was complete, none of the sections would have the same bounding box.)

…and I’m getting regular crashes when updating all sections or undoing st operations.

@Ncik please report any crash. Best if you can repeat the crash, just pass the model and step to crash it and I should be able to see it at my end.

People actually do place a small reference box or sphere in 3D (outside the model in minimum location) and use to help locate the layout consistently, but I like your suggestion to select a reference point in 3D and use as reference. I’ll experiment with it.

The crashes are not consistent. I will investigate further.

Thank you for investigating the reference datums. I’ll create dummy geometry for now.

Also, something weird is happening with layer locking. stLockSections locks the parent layer, but the child layers are totally unlocked. The child layer objects can be selected.

As opposed to manually locking the parent layer.