Section Style: Boundary checkmark disappears

The checkmark can be set but the next time the menu is opened it’s not there anymore?

Thanks! I see this as well.

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Hi @Trav
Is adding a Boundary Linetype in your list for this dialog?
Sorry if it’s already asked in a different topic.

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@Screamer I don’t believe we’ll have boundary linetype support for v8. But we have discussed having Section Styles support linetypes at some point in the future.

That’s a sad news. It’s almost there, I was hoping we’ll have it fully completed.
Is it more complicated than adding a hatch to the section? I mean coding wise.
But anyway, it’s on your side, for sure, what to implement and what not.

Hi @Trav

Just installed the latest V8.
It’s still impossible to change Boundary thickness without adding the hatch.
I’m talking about layer’s Section style properties.
If I change the boundary thickness and close the dialog, nothing’s saved.
When I add the hatch - it works.
Is it a bug or intention?

Ahh yes, this is a different bug. I see it as well and will get it squashed.

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Hi @Trav
Fixed in the latest WIP, thank you.

As an additional ask. Is it possible to have not only triangular shape of the ends’ marks for the clipping plane? I would personally like to have arrows as well.
Maybe it would be cool to connect it to Annotation styles.


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Hi -

That’s the current plan for Rhino 9.

Just to make sure, could you provide an image of how you’d want this to look?
Now is a good time to provide specific requests for this feature.

Hi @wim

Our current section marks’ style is like this (which is a simple polyline with arrowheads):

And I assume it will be possible to adjust the location of texts? Move by grips or something.

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Hi @Trav ,

Could you please explain the priority between Layer Section Style settings and Clipping Plane Section style settings? Which has higher priority?
When we have both settings set to Custom.

As an addition. Not so sure if it’s a bug. I can’t get any result (hatch) if I have all layers set to None and Clipping Plane setting set to Custom. No hatch as a result.

You can mix up a custom section style and apply it to a layer. Any object that has its Section Source set to by Layer will use what is on the layer. The same is true for the clipping plane object as well. Objects which have a section source set to By Clipping Plane will use whatever the clipping plane is using.

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Ok. That’s clear now. Thank you.

Btw, probably Layer settings should also have option By Clipping plane? Not so sure if it’s needed but someone could find it useful.

I looked into this and it got pretty convoluted. If a layer had section style set to “By Clipping Plane” and the clipping plane had it’s section style set to “By Layer” you end up with circular dependencies at which point we would just have to make up a default section style.

I agree. Could be potential confusing combinations.
That’s fine. Do what you think is correct.