Section Properties for Closed Meshes

Should fill choices be displaying as chosen in a sectioned Hidden View Mode? It’s reliable for Closed Polysurfaces but I am getting solid black fills on Closed Meshes regardless of the colour set in their section properties.

Hello - that seems to work ok here, if I understand the question - does stUpdateSections help?


Hm. This is a question about VaSectionProperties… Maybe they bounced it here or maybe I posted in the wrong forum.

Hi @djhg,

This is a bug, it should work with meshes in Hidden mode as well. I have just reported this issue with your vote.

Thanks Alfonso.

Hi @djhg,

I’ve already fixed the bug in VisualARQ 2.11.3. We will publish it soon.



Thankyou. I’m glad. I’m working with models imported from sketchup containing a great many cylinders representing bamboo. The only option I can think of to make these objects display in projected view without dense collections of nurb facets is to convert the objects back to meshes so the facets can be welded, so I am stuck using many meshes on a current project.

I can send you a build installer for 2.11.3 if you need it.


If you believe it is stable, yes please.

I’ll PM you the download links.

Thankyou Enric