Section lines bug?

After the latest (I think) update, there is something wrong with section lines. I mean, sections are fine, but selecting these entities gives some strange artifacts. Here is a picture of “untouched” lines:

Clicking on any of them gives such display:

I use the latest Rhino 6 and VA 2.13.0

Cheers, Jaro

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And by the way, is there a possibility for an option to add control points to a section line? It would be a great improvement.
Cheers, Jaro

And the next wish: I’d appreciate adding control points to spaces made with curves.
Cheers again, Jaro

Hi Jaro, this is already possible. If you do righ-click when selecting a section line, you can add a “jog” point (or remove it):

Added to wishlist!

Jaro, please update VisualARQ to 2.13.1: Update - VisualARQ
If the problem persists, please share that model to and we will take a look.