Section Line Print/Display control

  1. How is the triangle display/print size set in Section Styles?
  2. Plan Views generate with Section Identification lines only - is there a way to include them?
  3. How are the size and spacing of Section Line identification text set?


  1. The “size” value corresponds to the “height” of the section arrow (or triangle in some cases). Units are taken from the current Document.
  2. Do you mean that section text is missing in Plan views? This is a bug.
  3. The distance between the Section text and the section line is by default half of the text size. But take into account that due to an issue in Rhino 6.5 this text may appear in a different position.
  1. Got it, thanks
  2. That’s what I meant, thanks.
  3. And how is the text size set?

You can change the text size from the Section styles dialog, Attributes tab. (You can use a Dimension style defined by Document or overwrite the text size choosing a different Text style.

Thanks. I should have figured that out.