Section Drawings are not possible

Architects wanting to create section view with perspective behind. The problem we run into is that the section edge and section fill do not always display over the top of the model. Many times architects would like the section edge to be a thicker lightweight. How can we keep the thicker lines on top for both display and printing. in all display modes?

Here is a customer commenting on a related subject:

Wouldn’t you just use the existing display order commands?
Ie select the section lines, set their line weight , then call "“BringToFront”?

( it might be called something other than bringtofront, (I’m posting this from an ipad away from a computer) but its something like that - sendtofront maybe?)


The line is part of the clipping plane object or section tools plug-in. The edge line cannot be selected by itself. I expect Bring to front would be the default for this line. But, it still gets buried in a lot of cases.

I wrote in about this a few times in the past I hope McNeel can tune this up so section working/modeling on a section works almost flawlessly. I don’t know if project and planar snap work well enough for this? I really need iron clad section tools so that when I work on a section I can measure and work on the section without accidentally snapping to geometry that’s not displayed.

SectionTools has the option to set the section curves width when creating layout (stLayout). Option name is “PlotWeight”. We can make this option for the section curves in the 3D location. Would that help?

On a side note, is this a bug is display?

Rajaa -

That would help. In addition to being able to set the line, we also need to make sure the weight plots visibly in all views. Right now it seems the heavy line weight of the section line can get caught behind the objects.