Section Distortion during solid extrusion

I wanted to solid extrude a Square hollow section sized 200mm as attached.
However, I found the cross section size was diminishing along the selected path.
Anybody knows?Distortion.3dm (20.8 KB)

I assume you used ExtrudeCrvAlongCrv. It worked as designed. The extrusion commands keep the curve being extruded parallel to the original position as it moves to create the surface.

Sweep1 can be used to have the cross-section curves maintain the same angle to the curve they are being swept along.

Use Sweep1 twice, once for each cross section curve. To create the hollow tube from the swept outer and inner surfaces use Cap to cap the outer surface and the inner surface. Then use CreateSolid and the two capped surfaces. Result should be the hollow tube as a solid and the inner core as a solid. Delete the inner core.

Distortion_DC.3dm (117.3 KB)

Taking time to go through the training materials will save you time in creating geometry.

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