Section depth 0?

It does not seem to be possible to set the view depth of a section to 0 (by snapping the section control points to the section line). Is it?
Just have the case where we needed this - lines only exactly at the section, everything behind it will become a rendering.
Workaround: make the section depth very small. There will be double lines nonetheless, which isn’t ideal.
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Eugen, it’s a good idea! Maybe such a depth could be a section’s parameter?
Cheers, Jaro

Hi guys, VA sections require a depth. The workaround Eugen suggests might work, but there will be always a small depth. This feature has been requested already so I add your votes to push it up!

Thank you, Francesc!

Francesc, what if the section with zero depth would give just a kind of regular secton view? But a kind of live section view?
Cheers, Jaro

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Section works fine for stuff like this, but you’d need to create all the fills manually.

Hi Jaro, we may add an option to remove the section “depth” in sections in future versions. So you will only see the sectioned contour of the geometry, and the section attributes (patterns, line weights, etc)


Francesc, this would be a fantastic option :slight_smile:
Cheers, Jaro

@eugen, @jerry.bakowski,
Good news for the upcoming VA 2.11 version:


Will we be able to modify the depth of the section after it is made?
For example, can I chance the view depth from 5 to 10 meters?
Or is that possible already?

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Hello @kevin3,

That is already possible. You need to move the section control points to choose the depth of view you prefer.

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Ahhh, got it.
_PointsOn will reveal the Section Depth of View.

@Eugen, @jerry.bakowski VisualARQ 2.11 officially released, with the option to do not show the projection in Section Views and Plan Views.