Section curve of surface does not lie on the surface


I made a few section curves of a slightly warped surface and tried to intersect them with a few vertical isocurves, but they do not have any intersection point.

Atm I cannot upload any file … units are meters and tolerance is 0.0001 M. I never mentioned that before (V4).


Hi Benjamin- I can’t help much if you cannot post or send me the surface… you can send via if it is confidential.


Pascal, this is confidential too, but I saved just one part to a file, so I could upload it without problems. unfortunatly I get an upload error (“Sorry, there was an error uploading that file. Please try again.”).


Ps: I sent you the file.

Hi Benjamin- thanks- I got the file, I can repeat the problem… still digging. @Benjamin_Schnei, For now, use Pull on the section curves to suck them onto the surface. The deviation between the pulled and original curve is microscopic in the ones I checked but it does seem to allow Intersect to work.

Bug report-
(these are not available to the public yet)


Ok, thx. :slight_smile: