Seat licensing is not supported on your device

Today, out of the blue, I get the above error on my 2 laptops. My desktop loads fine.

One laptop is a work machine, and one laptop and the desktop are both my machines with full admin rights.

I have 1 licence and until today have been very please with the flexible licensing.

Any suggestions as to a fix? Thanks.

Are you running Windows Server OS?

Thanks for the quick reply. No, all windows 10 running 1903

@warderoid thank you for your patience. Do you know what version of Rhino 6 you are running?

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6 SR7. To find that out I launched Rhino 6 again, and now it works. What ever caused this, it fixed itself over an hour… :thinking:

Thanks a lot @warderoid. That was a hiccup on our part with a new server release that was not fully tested on older service releases. We have identified the problem and fixed it. Thank you and once again we apologize for the inconvenience.

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