Searching RhinoCommon API

Hi there,

I would like to ask why the search engine (at RhinoCommon API) stops at 100 and omit the rest of the found items. I searched for “events” and search result omitted another 205 results.

Try this (entire line):

site: Events

Or, Google:
Events site:

// Rolf


Currently I write Python scripts that call C++ DLL’s to speed up some steps. I understand that C++ can talk to Rhinocommon directly but I am still trying to find a good reference that explains the details. Do you know of a good reference for this? I will look at “Creating Your First Plugin in C++” and see if that helps.


It’s really the other way around. RhinoCommon call into the Rhino C/C++ SDK using a technique called Platform Invoke, or P/Invoke.

You might find this guide a good read.

– Dale