Search Element Type Picker list

How to drive the beam element from a long list of inputs with a search string?

Is this the correct way to get structural elements into Revit?
Is ‘Element Geometry’ needed after this?
This other path is confusing and likely no use…

Match Text will search a long list of string inputs.

Looks like you’ve got it working correctly.

I use match text a lot to search the titles. The Revit titles are so long they can be used for a lot.

There is also the new value picker in the grasshopper input panel.

All I see is GUI’s that aren’t searchable. Couldn’t find a Query Types that would work to search with if it was a searchabe list… but I am not understanding what level of a Revit element I need ot be be searching or filtering :frowning:

Here is a simple example


That does the trick! Very nice.Great!

However, it crashed shortly thereafter and generated many messages and zipped files on desktop. Had to shut down the computer due to Task manager unable to stop it flashing errors :0
Weirdly enough, the flashing and saving of over 40 rhinoinside crash files stopped when this post was “posted”. Restarted Revit and it works: Great approach!