Search by tag in a specific category?

Could this be added as a feature in the Discourse search tools? I recently posted some tips to the Serengeti category and gave the topics a “tips” tag. It would be nice if this could be a way to separate tips and trick posts in a certain category when searching.

@BrianJ You could add another Category,

True, and I thought of that, but it would mean a tips sub cat for each existing category. The tags feature seemed more efficient to me but it’s debatable. If search allowed for tags I think it would work.

Looks like tag:tips works for searching. Try tag:grasshopper and you’ll see that it is getting the posts with that specific tag

@sam, could the help for search be updated to reflect this? As it is now, the tag: option is not mentioned:

Good find… looks like “tag:tips #serengeti” does what I want.

@BrianJ - I wonder how easy it will be for users to discover this… “tip”

For the ones I posted I’ll go back and add a note about how to search for tips in any category, this would need to be included in any new tips tagged posts for the idea to catch on. After there are a dozen or so, I’ll make a post to the tips blog and funnel it into the splash screen for v5 Windows at least.

I don’t think users will stumble upon the search syntax though.

If you have a better idea, or feel there should just be sub cats, let me know. I mainly wanted to start sharing small tips that don’t require much more than a few sentences.