Seamlessly merge pipes or other geometry?


I would like to know what would be the best approach to seamlessly merge pipes or other geometry in Rhino 6 without T-spine

So far I have been using blendsrf command to merge pipes but things can get quite tricky and exhausting when three or more pipes share a same end. I wonder if there is a better way to accomplish such task.

I’d say if you have a v6 license: use the wip with subd. Experience is close to T-splines and here and there exceeds it.

Thanks! I am new to Rhino so I had no idea there is such thing called SubD…definitely will try it out!

Since you are new to Rhino here’s some further details:

WIP means Rhino 7 Work-In-Progress. It is not a ready-to-work release version like Rhino 6 is, but rather a current version of the Rhino 7 development work good for about 45 days after it’s made available. Usually a new version is made available every Tuesday, but not always.

If you are using the Rhino 6 evaluation the WIP is not available to you; it’s only for users who purchased a Rhino 6 license.

Rhino 6 has some very limited SubD features. The real SubD capability is in the WIP and is under active development. I’ve not seriously attempted to use it but those who have and reported their findings here seem to be full of confidence that it will be the greatest thing since sliced bread. However their reports usually contain some combination of lists of shortcomings and bugs and lists of features that are “essential for easy practical use” of SubD as a modeling tool - features that are common in other SubD modelers but “need to be improved” in one way or another.

If what’s there now will work for you then you will be ahead of the curve when Rhino 7 is released because you will have learned the SubD features as they are being developed while learning all the other features of Rhino.

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