Seamless model

I want to combine different polysurfaces together to make a smooth surface by which no lines are visible between the Do I need different software to merge the polysurfaces?

How I can achieve that?
34 test file seamless merge 01.3dm (485.1 KB)

Hi Floris - that is really just a matter of how the display is set - you can change whether surface edges and isocurves are shown in the Display tab:

Is that what you mean?


Hey Pascal,

Is it possible to merge the objects by which the polysurfaces just combine? When I tried to merge the faces of the objects to make it one big single piece object, the lines where still visible of the old polysurfaces. In Revit those lines are still visible.

I try to understand if it is possible to merge the objects, if not, I am trying to figure out what kind of software does of a Rhino object.

I put an example file in my previous message of helpful.

  • Floris

If the faces are co-planer to try the MergeAllFaces command.

floris - first step is to eliminate the overlaps between the polysurfaces. In this case BooleanDifference works but in other, similar situations it probably will fail and you would need to use a different strategy. To join the solids together in this case you can use BooleanUnion but again in other similar situations you might need to use a different approach.